The initiators paid the first contribution for the participation of Odessa in the competition for holding “Expo-2030”

Feb 4, 2022

Ukraine has become one step closer to holding the International Exhibition “Expo-2030” in Odessa: yesterday the initiators of the project paid the first 10% of the basic registration fee.

105600 euros were paid by “D-GROUP EXPO-2030” within the framework of the memorandum signed with the “Agency for Regional Development of Odessa Region”.

At the next stage, Ukraine should prepare and submit a registration dossier of the country, which will include detailed information about the exhibition, its venue, the expected number of visitors, responsible structures, environmental impact and other details. The document should be submitted to the Bureau International des Exhibitions in May 2022.

“Expo” is the largest exhibition on the planet, where countries demonstrate their latest developments in science and technology. Today, the World’s Exhibition has no equal among the world events in its scope, duration and number of visitors.

“Holding such an event in Ukraine will be the engine of economic growth – it is attracting investment, building infrastructure, creating new jobs. Of course, this will have a positive effect on the country’s image in the world. For 6 months, Odessa will become the technological center of the planet, a meeting place for the largest companies, the most famous innovators and the most influential investors, “- says the director of D-GROUP EXPO-2030 Galina Butova.

Ukraine will compete with South Korea, Russia and Italy for the right to hold Expo-2030. In case of victory, the World Exhibition will be held in Odessa from May 1 till October 31, 2030. Its theme will be “Renaissance. Technologies. Future”.

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